Friday, 10 July 2009

Math Prayer

Math Prayer

Lord , I pray for this person as well as others who want to do well in their math by praying to You. Help me Lord as I help others with their prayers for math.

Pray something like this but from your heart. Remember you are really simply asking Jesus for help. You are talking to Him when you pray.

Lord, I know that in myself I am not anything good. It is only when I am forgiven and covered with your mercy that I am forgiven and set free able to do well. In You I ask that You help me with my Math. I need Your grace to do well. I am not worthy of Your help, but I want to do well and I know that if you help I can do very well in my math. I thank You that hear my prayers even though I am a sinner. I ask that you take away my sins and forgive me for my faults and I will give You all the glory Lord for enabling me to do well in Math. I will tell other people that You have helped me. To You be all the glory, honor, and praise. Lord, I know that your name is the revealed name of God. I know that you are God and that is why I pray to You. For You alone are able to save me from my sins and help to do well in my Math and every other area in my life. In Your perfect name I pray Lord, Amen.
Mathematical Prayer..

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